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My favorite day of the week is Sunday : not for the most common reasons; languishing and lying, lazily around dozing off a hangover ! I spend the majority of the week juggling various forms of my work, along with my fashion blog and managing Scott's website, often not appearing home until after 7pm, I work mainly inside and long for the fresh air and open spaces that those in the equine industry enjoy.

Sporting Hares Fieldsport Boots

Sunday therefore is a day I relish and is a day for me to get back to my roots and breathe in the sights and smells that are a sensory delight. Somewhat surprisingly, I wake early on a Sunday and help out on the yard for morning stables, turning out - mucking out, filling hay racks and water buckets and sweeping - then this is where the fun really starts......... I go for a walk around the paddocks, patting and chatting to the all the horses and giving them some attention, while among them pausing to take photographs of them posing and feeling their full on freedom, frolicking, play fighting, rolling and racing with each other. 

Sporting Hares Fieldsport Boots

Scott Dixon Racing Masked Dance

Scott Dixon Racing

I could literally spend hours playing with the foals in the fields, they are so cheeky, full of life and totally enchanting. I love the fact that you have no idea what they are going to grow into ; all shapes, sizes and colours -but all individuals in their own right, each with a little piece of individuality splashed here and there, with an added boost of personality; which comes in the form of a nip or a nuzzle depending on their character. 

racehorse foal

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The time spent with them all is invaluable and very precious. As the clock ticks, and day by day with each week they seem to have mushroom like grown that bit bigger, unreasonably and rapidly leaving their baby traits behind. Then rushing onwards it seems, far, far too soon becoming weanlings, who as they wander away from the safety and apron skirts of their dams and rapidly before you know it in the New Year are now the next batch of yearlings. If you are lucky you may have the next Derby or Dewhurst winner waiting in the wings - hopefully to make your dreams come true. Only time, talent and training will tell. 

scott dixon racing foal

"Sporting Hares" kindly gifted Scott & I with a pair of "Field Sport Boots", which I don't think have been off Scott's feet since they arrived, and are definitely my sunday footwear of choice.

scott dixon racing

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They have a reinforced, anti-slip sole and supportive ankle and calf panels, with the full-length waterproof zip making them easy to take on and off, when the rush from field to course, necessitates a quick change in attire, making them the perfect boot of choice for racehorse trainers, and their partners!

Scott Dixon Racing #
Our team mascot Poppy had to get in on the action.

If you’re going anywhere remotely green or muddy this Autumn you definitely need a pair of award winning Fieldsport boots from Sporting Hares. From country walks to city pavements, Sporting Hares quintessentially British - Wellington boots are instantly recognizable. Each pair is crafted by hand, from soft, natural rubber to produce a stylish and enviably luxury wellington, making them a must for rain-soaked days and summer festivals.

horse and hound best yard boot

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Often people ask what your three favorite things are in the world : number one for me is definitely spending time with the horses on a Sunday, the aroma and feel of freshly washed bed linen along with my favourite Fieldsport Boots !!
scott dixon racing

I had too many fantastic photos to choose from to see more view my facebook page HERE 

With Love 



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