Ladies Day Fashion Coverage The 2015 Grand National

Where to start.........................

As predicted the Daily Mail couldn't help themselves than to post unflattering photos of ladies caught with a strange expression on their face or showing their pants, we have come to expect nothing else from such publications that make fun of real everyday women. These women don't have the luxury of having a personal stylist, make up artists or people to look after their kids. At least they are having a great time.

Rant over let's get on with my fashion hit list.

Personally I would have liked to have seen a gentleman win best dressed as I saw some rather dapper looking gentlemen who set the bar exceptionally high. Below are my favourites

Ladies Day Fashion
I apologize for the quality of the images - photos taken from Twitter
And now to prove that the Ladies at Aintree do have style!

Ladies Day Fashion

There was also some fantastic millinery on show

Ladies Day Fashion

They Ladies Day Style competition was judged by Rebecca Ferguson who was styled by her fellow judge Gok Wan and wore a Rosie Olivia hat & Philip Armstrong dress 

Ladies Day Fashion

The Final 10 were selected via photographs taken throughout the day 

Ladies Day Fashion

The winner of the style contest went to Toni Salters from Aintree

Ladies Day Fashion

Toni wore a dress from LK Bennett coupled with a New York Kate Spade bag and a vintage hat bought for £20 from a vintage shop.

Click here to view our Spotted At The Grand National Photo Album 

What did you think to the winner of the style contest? Who would you have picked? Let us know in the comments box below 

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