Claudia Bradby Jewellery

The Great British summer social calendar is finally in full swing. With this week marking the end of Royal Ascot and the beginning of Wimbledon, I think this is the perfect time to introduce you to Claudia Bradby Jewellery.

Accessories for the races

Claudia Bradby Jewellery launched in 1999 and is known as an exceptional British jewellery brand, renowned for Working with beautiful freshwater pearl jewellery and 925 silver jewellery. Fifteen years on, Claudia is as passionate as ever and still personally designs each collection and travels the world to source the "finest pieces".

Speaking about her designs Claudia said:

‘I feel as strongly now, as I did in 1999 when I first started designing, that beautiful, well made and thoughtfully designed jewellery, using real materials, doesn't need to break the bank. This initial inspiration has evolved into a strong collection of pieces renowned for showcasing beautiful, lustrous hand selected pearls, matched with modern and striking silver elements.’

Claudia’ designs are classic with a modern twist and have been seen on many celebrities with Princess Catherine and Dame Helen Mirren seen regularly wearing different pieces from the collections.

Claudia Bradby Pearls
Kate wore a charming Asprey Acorn necklace to the Taronga Zoo available in pink or silver - is £58.50. Inspiration for this design stems from the Middleton family crest which features three acorns to represent the three Middleton children.

Claudia Bradby Pearls
Dame Helen Mirren, wearing the Couture Pearl Earrings and Biography Necklace

Claudia Bradby's designs were very popular at this years Royal Ascot with The Commercial Director of Ascot Racecourse, Juliet Slot, choosing to wear the Constantine Necklace (£88.50), and the Harlyn necklace (£144),

Claudia Bradby Pearls

I chose to wear the Wallis Pearl Drop Earrings (£42) and Wallis Pearl Necklace (£169.50) on Day one of Royal Ascot. Then changed to the Wallis Pearl Stud earrings (£48) and added the Wallis Pearl Bracelet (£126) for Ladies Day on Thursday.

Claudia Bradby Pearls

All of the jewellery from Claudia Bradby is perfectly packed in wonderful pouches and boxes ensuring your pearls are protected and will stand the test of time.

Claudia Bradby Pearls

There really is a piece in the collection for anyone, and ladies remember pearls never look out of place at the races. 

Make sure when planning your outfits for Glorious Goodwood you visit Claudia Bradby, where you will find the perfect jewellery to complete any outfit. 

I will definitely be wearing mine!! 


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