Dubai World Cup Fashion

Dubai World Cup Fashion

The Dubai World Cup Meeting at Meydan is one of the most exciting and eagerly anticipated events in the Dubai social calendar, and for me is the most exhilarating one day race meeting that I have ever attended. The atmosphere on World Cup Night is electrifying the racing and its various attendees raise the bar year after year. The superb apparel on display is a fashionistas' dream with the bold and stunning styles completely at one with the superb setting, but in a very respectful manner with the country firmly believing in a modest approach to dressing in public. 

Dubai World Cup Fashion

When choosing your ensemble you must take into consideration the local culture in Dubai. What is socially acceptable in Europe, the United States, New Zealand and Australia is some what different to what you would see at Meydan. Shoulders should be covered, and deep plunging neck lines are a definite no no, as are bare midriffs and very short hemlines. 

What not to wear to the Dubai World Cup

The Dubai World Cup Meeting offers some of the best fashion competitions in the world, with the Style Section being sponsored by Jaguar. The Best Dressed Lady will take home a Jaguar F-Type Convertible for a year. Best Dressed Gentleman and Best Dressed Couple will receive a variety of prizes from Jaguar and other sponsors. Other categories are Best Hat, Most creative Hat and my particular favourite the "Longines Most Elegant Lady", which comes with a prize of a 42-diamond Longines Conquest Classic timepiece. 

Dubai World Cup Fashion

With the prizes on offer for both the racing and the fashion lovers being so incredible, there is no doubt that not only to win the competitions will you need to be fierce you will need to look fierce. Good luck to all and have a wonderful time. 

Dubai World Cup Fashion

Below are my fashion tips to ensure you don't get left in the gates in the fashion stakes! 


For the gentlemen attention to detail is key to ensuring your look is perfectly put together. Elegance is the key word for The Dubai World Cup Meeting, and this race meet is perfect for showcasing your spring style. Be a little more adventurous than normal with shirt colour and cloth suiting types although this does not mean go crazy. 

Dubai World Cup Fashion

It is very important to dress for the weather; I would advise wearing a light coloured suit in linen or light weight material. When choosing your suit, it is all about the fit, when wearing a relaxed linen style it is sometimes easy to forget the importance of the size, make sure the trousers are not overly long or too short and that the shoulders bear some relation to your own. Some Gentlemen also opt for different Jacket/Chino combinations which are also acceptable and allows you to show some individuality and flare with contrast coloured trousers and jacket combinations linked by a toning tie & shirt combo. 

Dubai World Cup Fashion

A plain white shirt always looks crisp but I would also recommend variations of colour and collar, but always try to make sure you have a white collar and cuffs. Thomas Pink has made a horizontal striped shirt with white collar and cuffs which I think would look fabulous. Ties are certainly firmly in the eye of the beholder; whether it be an old school tie or a Hermes, tie it well with a Windsor knot. 

Dubai World Cup Fashion

Men often forget about accessorizing. However I do feel that by adding an eye-catching tie pin, pair of cufflinks and pocket handkerchief this adds a degree of panache, individuality and sophistication to finish off you’re perfectly thought out sartorial look. 

Dubai World Cup Mens Fashion

Footwear is another vitally important factor. Gentlemen make sure your shoes match your belt and are well polished. Tasselled loafers always look eminently suitable either in suede or leather, often with a splash of flash in the sock department showing below the ankle. 

Ensure your suit is clean, starched and pressed, and if you have invested in new shoes for the occasion, wear them a couple of times before the races to make sure they are comfortable. It is a very busy meeting. 

For the Ladies. 

The Dubai World Cup is the ultimate opportunity to be as elegant as possible, especially with the addition of head-turning millinery. At a race meet such as the Dubai World Cup the majority of ladies will be wearing a hat, and with the addition of 'Most Creative Hat' competition anything goes although there are a few pointers that you should keep in mind when choosing your head wear. 

Dubai World Cup Fashion

When choosing your hat you should ensure you choose a hat which you feel comfortable wearing. Hatinators are becoming increasingly popular due to the fact that they are easy to wear and you will not have to worry about the scorching heat getting trapped in the crown of a hat or whether your hair will become a mess. For tall girls I would suggest wide brimmed hats but avoid hats that are decorated too highly. For racegoers who are a little more reserved opt for small beret styles, perchers or fascinators. Whereas if you are feeling more adventurous and wish to create a stir opt for brighter or clashing colours with bolder displays of feathers or flowers. 

Dubai World Cup Fashion
Cara Meehan Millinery and Edel Ramberg Millinery

Always ensure you angle your hat with a slight dip over your right eyebrow and keep your hair simple and manageable, a low bun worn on the opposite side to your hat always looks elegant and sophisticated. 

The Dubai World Cup Meeting is no place for evening gowns disguising themselves as day wear, the unspoken code is timeless elegance and fashion forward ensembles so keep in mind the length of your dress and ensure the dress has an appropriate neckline. Dresses made from natural fibres such as crisp cotton that are lined will keep you cool in the Dubai heat, do avoid polyester and any associated materials that may stick and show perspiration marks if you begin to succumb to the heat of the day. Do remember though that the desert at night when the sun sets can be cool and the temperature can drop markedly, so a cashmere wrap or elegant scarf can keep away the chill factor. 

Dubai World Cup Fashion Experiment with this seasons trends with pastel colours such as cool lilac, coral, lime and pale blues. Floral prints are still very in vogue for SS14 and will be perfect for the Dubai World Cup Meeting as the lighter colours will reflect the sunlight, and assist in keeping you cool. 

Dubai World Cup Fashion

Accessorize well and practically with a brilliant bag. A dramatic clutch a la Lu Lu Guiness style is perfect for setting you apart from the crowd although Chanel inspired shoulder bags are practical in size and add an air of elegance to any outfit. Statement necklaces and earrings can turn a simple dress into a race stopping ensemble so play about with what you feel the most comfortable wearing and what suits both you and the occasion. For those who adhere strictly to etiquette, diamonds should only be worn during hours of darkness. 

Dubai World Cup Fashion
Chanel, Lanvin, Lulu Guinness, Lish Designs book clutch,

The Golden Rule for dressing for the races is to make sure that you feel good in what you are wearing and feel confident. As a general rule in Dubai try not to draw any negative comments from those around you, especially the hosts. Do make sure your shoes are comfortable as there is nothing worse than seeing girls walking barefoot through the racecourse. 

Also check the weather forecast before you leave for the course as the lead up to the big meeting this year at Meydan has been very unpredictable. Rain could be on the cards. We have some fantastic clear umbrellas that will ensure your outfit is not compromised by the colour of your umbrella. 

If you are lucky enough to be attending the Dubai World Cup I hope you have an amazing time, and best of luck in the style stakes. 

I will not be attending this year as my brother has his wedding on world cup night, but make sure you tweet your photos throughout the day to @furlongfashion or tag us on facebook

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What do you think to the fashion on display at the Dubai World Cup? Will you be attending? What will you be wearing? Let us know in the comments box below!!


  1. Dubai World cup Fashion looks amazing. I hope Dubai hosts such amazing events in 2020. However, I will be visiting Dubai next month to attend my Friend’s wedding. He told me that he got a Tailored wedding suit in Dubai. I hope my friend looks his absolute best on his wedding day.

  2. Excellent post! Dubai World Cup 2020 looks like a lavish event. I would love to participate in this gorgeous event with my family. I might have to apply for a Dubai Visa & surprise my family with a getaway to Dubai. We might even explore other tourist attractions after the Dubai world cup is done.

  3. I am hoping to see wonderful fashion events & world-class designers at the Dubai world cup 2020. Of course, I will be attending a few races of the Dubai World Cup & Carnival.


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