It Is With Great Sadness

It has been an emotional weekend here at Haygarth House. On Saturday we had to put to sleep one of our stable stars Thunderball, due to him being blinded following hitting his head on the starting stalls at Goodwood in November. 

Thunderball was not just one of our most successful racehorses, he was also part of the family and his kind nature and lovely personality will be missed by everyone. The hardest part about being involved in racing is losing the horses that you grow to love and care so deeply about. 

Scott Dixon Racing
Thunderball have cuddles and playing with his best friend Docofthebay

We would like to thank everyone for their kind messages on Facebook and Twitter, you really do forget how many lovely people there are that genuinely care.

Please see below the news update released on 

Thunderball Rest in piece
Thunderball - a complete legend. 

"It is with great sadness and a very heavy heart, that we have to post the sad news that Thunderball (Dougal) has had to be put to sleep.

For those of you who were unaware, he hit his head on the starting stalls at Goodwood in November. He sadly lost total vision in both eyes. We were so hoping it was a temporary situation and that at least some of his sight would return. Or if not that we could help him to learn to cope with his disability, and live comfortably and happily in retirement.

Very, very sadly his vision has not returned, and despite the heroic efforts of everyone including our excellent team of dedicated staff, therapists and vets, help and assistance from European eye specialist David Donaldson, The Racehorse Sanctuary, the ROA, Weatherby's, Jilly Cooper to name but a few, to try and help him come to terms with his incapacity this has not proved possible.

Thank you all so very much to those who gave us the practical support and guidance as well as the emotional support.

Thunderball has lived at Haygarth House since he was born. He has known only love and kindness in his life and he has rewarded us so very much, not only as a very successful racehorse: he won 10 races for us and was placed 16 times amassing £87,794. He was Scott's first turf winner and the apple of his young trainers eye.

He was also the most sweet and adorable character. He has never in all his years laid an ear back or lifted so much as a hoof or curled his lips to anyone, human or equine. His gentle soul and huge character will be the things we miss so very much.

Yvette Dixon"

But now it is back to business as usual with Jiminy at Southwell Races today and one of my personal favourites Even Stevens tomorrow. I hope we have a winner to give the whole team a moral boost and carry on 2014 as we mean to go on. 


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