Never Underestimate The Power Of A Good Shirt!!!

Gentlemen with Doncaster St Leger only one week away it is time to turn our attention to what you will be wearing. So lets start with your shirt. 

Putting on a crisp, clean, fresh shirt that fits perfectly makes you feel like you're the boss. But like so many other things in life it isn't altogether straightforward. A shirt is not just a shirt it is one of the foundations to a mans outfit, and the choices of cut, collar, colour, cuff and material is endless adding character and individuality to an otherwise tiresome office outfit.

Three points to bare in mind when choosing your shirt.

The Collar - Collars range from a standard classic collar to pin collars which create that Boardwalk Empire Swagger. With the tab collar making a comeback (this collar pushes the tie up and out) the choices really are endless, all of which create a different look to your tie. My personal favourite is the rounded collar which really does add a touch of class.

The Cuff - I would recommend the Double Cuff which is worn with Cufflinks for a more professional and sophisticated look. The addition on Cufflinks also gives you the opportunity to show some creative flare.  

Material and Fit - Two-fold 100% is good quality, with two-fold 200% being exceptional as the fabric is more durable but far more expensive in price. Imitation mother of pearl buttons are the best and add a touch of luxury to the shirt. 

Thomas Pink has a brilliant range of excellent quality affordable shirts. Scott wears many of these shirts to the races and having to saddle the horses in these shirts they have proved to be durable and have definitely stood the test of time as after being washed time and time again they still look like brand new.

Fashion at St Leger

Take a look behind the scenes on the Thomas Pink Youtube channel 

Keep checking back for more style advice ahead of the Doncaster St Leger!!

With Love 



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