What To Wear To The Races In Sweltering Weather

As we prepare for our third consecutive week of sweltering weather.

The Question we are all asking is how to stay cool yet maintain polished summer racing glamour. This can be tough during a heat wave, but not impossible; it just takes a little more planning.

For the Ladies 

  • You’ll be cooler in dresses and skirts, because they allow for more air circulation than shorts

  • Looser cuts let more air circulate, and will keep you feeling cooler.

  • Wear fabrics made with natural fibres such as cotton or linen and avoid polyester and anything suffocating or materials that may stick to your skin when you sweat.

  • Must be sleeveless (No wet patches please)

  • Must be Race-day appropriate (sorry no Beach Cover Ups or Mini Skirts)

  • Wear light colours. (Dark colours absorb heat, and make you feel hotter.)

  • I'll be honest.. I would NOT wear a maxi dress to the races. The reason I say no to a maxi dress is I personally do not feel that they are race day appropriate (more for the beach or on holiday) and because the last thing I would want is my legs to be covered and suffocating under the dress. If you do, make sure it's flowy and made of lighter fabric.

  • Underwear are another thought. So many seamless bras these days are either double-layered or have moulded cups. Select a bra style that is less armour and more support and you’ll stay a few degrees cooler.

So, with those stipulations in mind we set forth to scour the internet for the ideal garment to wear during a heat wave: A floaty, breezy, cool-inducing dress.

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Hair and Makeup:

Hair and make-up are 80% of your personal appearance–if they look good, you’ll look good. Unfortunately, good hair and make-up are much harder to get in the summertime! Minimalist routines work well this season:

  • Skip the foundation–you’re better off without it than with it melting down your face. Or try a BB Cream as they do the same job but are alot lighter

  • Go easy on blush and bronzer–they can melt, too, and it’s easy for them to look overdone in the heat.

  • Learn to do a messy bun, cute ponytail, or side braid. (Tip: blow drying takes forever when it’s hot and humid. Just do the front and sides and pull your hair back to save time.)

  • Don’t fight your hair’s natural texture. It’s too hard to maintain in humidity.

For The Gentlemen

How does a modern day gentleman dress for the hot summer weather at the races while still looking presentable?

  • Select fabrics made with breathable weaves and natural fibres such as cotton, linen, or tropical weight wool

  • Fabric that doesn't breathe well will trap both sweat and hot air near your skin, leading to rapid overheating. Artificial fibers are typically non-breathable, and will make a garment more likely to keep sweat and air in.

  • Linen is one of the joys of summer menswear. It’s light, breathable, and has a unique texture that makes it stand out in an ensemble. Some men dislike it because it wrinkles too easily, but the lightly-wrinkled texture is part of the charm of linen, and higher-quality linens are woven tightly enough that the wrinkling is minimal.

  • Unlined and half lined jackets are also an option to reduce the retention of heat.

  • Wear light colours. (Dark colours absorb heat, and make you feel hotter, where as light colours reflect the light)

  • Try mix and matching different Jacket Trouser combinations

  • When putting together a summer race-day outfit you need to be thinking about the colours, patterns, textures, and accessories all together. The difference between stylish and just functional could be as small as a different belt or the right pocket square.

  • Panamas & Straw Fedoras, are great options which are available to stay stylish whilst also serving the purpose of protection from the sun

  • Remember Use antiperspirant deodorant, and consider soaps with menthol that will help cool your body

  • Various racecourses have relaxed there rules due to the heat but remember it's still important to look your best at all times. 

What to wear to the races
Different options for Men's Summer Racing Fashion 

What to wear to the races
Different options for Men's Summer Racing Fashion 

And Most importantly don't forget to drink plenty of water and wear sun protection. 


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