Creating The Perfect Wedding Gift List

When you are planning a wedding, deciding on wedding gift lists can be tricky, and you may want to reconsider before sending those all important invitations out, but it is definitely one of the most fun parts of wedding planning.


The options are endless. To determine what you really need from your gift list, the type of questions you need to ask yourself are simple: Do you really need that new set of saucepans or plates? Does your toaster and coffee machine need replacing? If you have been living with your fiancé for many years, the answer to these questions are more than likely no, but you could always use your gift list as an opportunity to update your home decor.

Scott and I decided that we would like contributions to our honeymoon as we want to ensure our getaway was the trip of a lifetime. We thought it would be nice for our wedding guests to feel as though they helped make some of our first memories as husband and wife.


One of the main deciding factors for choosing Prezola for our wedding gift list is that Prezola offers it all. You should be able to have a bit of everything on your wedding gift list, especially as some more traditional guests might prefer the opportunity of giving a gift if you solely request contributions.

Prezola has over 300 brands to choose from so you are sure to find an amazing selection to add to your list, I especially like the Baa Stool range of sheepskin rugs, and you can't have too many Jo Malone candles and room diffusers, and not to mention the whole of the Culinary Concepts range.


The honeymoon fund has options to suit all budgets, enabling guests to make contributions to the actual honeymoon. You can choose anything from a romantic meal on the beach or even a bottle of champagne on the plane, to a helicopter ride or swimming with dolphins, which I feel is a nice way for your guests to know what their money has been used for. Prezola's honeymoon fund is also a great way of receiving cash contributions if you have not yet finished making all of your plans.

Prezola also offers the opportunity to set up discreet cash gifts for any purpose. If your television needs an update, then this is something your guests con contribute to - Scott would have definitely added a Miniature Dachshund fund on our list if I let him!


If you and your partner feel that you have everything you could wish for, Prezola also offers the option for guests to donate to a charity close to your heart. Also, if you have looked on Prezola's website and think there are some gifts you would like that Prezola doesn't stock, you can also add gifts from any other website to your list.

Prezola works with to offer a free wedding website that lets you create a beautifully designed, mobile-friendly website to share your wedding plans and gift list with family and friends. I will be using this for my evening guests to RSVP.

wedding website

Prezola also offer a fantastic customer service helpline along with a personal shopping service to help answer all of your gift list questions. In addition to this, gift list tips and a weekly top 20 blog post are updated on the website frequently to help you choose the best wedding gifts to suit your needs.


Creating a gift list is completely free with free delivery to your home after the wedding. To add a honeymoon fund and bespoke gifts, it's a one-off fee of £59 to cover transaction costs and then there's no commission, third parties or extra fees after that.

The best thing about a Prezola gift list is the flexibility to complete it all from the comfort of your own home or even from your phone or tablet. Great for when you get a spare few minutes on your commute or if you spot something that must be added to your list.

All in all, I feel that Prezola offers complete flexibility to suit all needs and I can't wait to complete our gift list.

Find out more about Prezola and create your list for free today!

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