Morzine : A Week In Outfits

2016 started with a wonderful family trip to Morzine, for the Wedding of long standing friend's Rachel and Nick the new Mr & Mrs Monkman.

monkman wedding

Since we returned I have been meaning blog about our trip. But what with our exciting engagement and some irritating illnesses our trip to Morzine has been sidetracked. So be prepared for a lot of throwback blog posts over the next few weeks. A lot of you have been asking where my outfits are from on both my Instagram , Twitter and Facebook so I thought the best way to reply to everyone would be to compose "A Week In Outfits" for our trips. For my Gentlemen readers I will start doing this frequently for Scott's racing outfits as I know alot of you follow his style and would be pleasantly surprised at how affordable his racing wardrobe actually is!!

When planning the outfits for Morzine, my two main shopping destinations were JayLey and ASOS. Jayley is a fantastic destination for Real and Faux fur. From Gilets, Capes, and Jackets to Scarves, Gloves and Hats they are the perfect destination for a glamorous winter wardrobe, and they don't stop there, the SS16 collection is full of wonderful devore cardigans and silk blended dresses which I am sure will feature on my blog soon.

Before I start I must admit that I am most definitely a fair weather skier. I will only ski if the sun is shining, there is plenty of snow and the visibility is fantastic. This said if all of these factors are in my favor then I will ski down any mountain with confidence and ease.

Unfortunately the skiing conditions were not great. We arrived in Morzine around 10am at a wonderful hotel / Chalet called The Farm House. The keen skiers proceeded to don their skis and head out for the afternoon, while Scott and I took the time to catch up with old friends and watch the racing over copious amounts of Champagne after Crosse Fire completed the double at Southwell Racecourse. We intended to Ski the following day although the rain was fierce so we decided to meet some of the skiers on piste for lunch with Scott's parents and our friend Sarah who are all non skiers.

Look One

Morzine does accommodate all levels of skiers, and for those who do not ski it is easy to take a bubble lift and meet your family and friends who ski for lunch, which is what we did on day 2. 

ski fashion

The Jayley Pompom hats proved a popular choice for the trip with both Sarah and Yvette choosing them in different colours. I wore a faux fur Dents hat which Scott bought me for Christmas a few years ago. 


My favourite Christmas gift was the beautiful multicoloured fur gilet from Jayley pictured above and below, it is so easy to wear and goes with almost everything. I am wearing it with Ralph Lauren stretch jeans , Toms Black Suede Nepal Snow Boots from ASOS and Jayley leather gloves. 

peacock fur

The purple suede Mulberry bag has been a wardrobe staple of mine for the last seven years and never fails to disappoint.

apres ski

We enjoyed a fabulous lunch and even took a horse drawn carriage around Chatel which was fabulous fun. Scott wears a blue double breasted wool coat from Suitsupply. 

Look Two

The weather was perfect and it was now time for me to pull on my skis and dust off the cobwebs. It had been four years since I last went skiing (I think I am more of a hot holiday girl to be honest)!! It is true what they say skiing is like horse riding, it doesnt matter how many years go by you may be a little rusty to start with , but you soon pick it up. 

ski fashion

We had a lovely day skiing and found the fantastic Village Igloo Bar which no one else seemed to have found. On a Friday evening they provide live music and dancing. I am sure if we go back it will be our point of call.

ice bar

I have had my ski jacket since I went on my first ski holiday with school when I was 16. I don't ski enough to warrant purchasing a new one, although my trusty vintage (You can call it vintage if its over 10 year old, Can't you?) Escada Ski Jacket did the trick whilst keeping me looking stylish throughout the week.

Look Three

Wedding Day!!!!! There is a whole wedding day post coming soon, but it was such a beautiful day. Rachel and her bridesmaids wore couture dresses that Rachel helped to design herself. 

morzine wedding

Choosing a wedding outfit for a winter wedding abroad can be slightly tricky, and Rachel and Nick's wedding was definitely going to be a hat wedding. Transporting a hat to morzine along with skis helmets boots ect can become tricky, so I chose to wear a faux fur Dents hat that was easy to pack and I could use again throughout the week. 


When choosing my outfit one of my main concerns was staying warm. I am a ridiculously cold person so it is essential for me to fight off the chill. I chose a Missguided dog tooth coat with Black Jayley Fur collar, Kaleidoscope gold necklace and Chanel Earrings. 

chalet chic

I'm sure my bank manager would agree that I had been very well behaved when planning my outfit, until I came accross this amazing Moschino black dress with gold chain cuffs. I just had to have it. My trusty black Chanel bag, Wolford tights and Christian Louboutin pumps finished off my outfit my perfectly if I do say so myself. 

winter wedding

Hannah wear a navy blue lace dress from Coast. 

All that was left to do was to toast the happy couple with a nice cold glass of champagne!! 

Back On The Slopes 

Most people invest in one quality ski jacket, but not Jo! 

Jo is literally the most stylish skier I know, and would certainly not look out of place in a bond movie as her ski wardrobe is something of great joy, from Moncler to Prada you will never see her wearing the same outfit twice in one week!


I was privileged to spend a day skiing with Jo, not only did she show me the best vin chaud spots on the mountain, she also helped me to improve my skiing technique. 


I went for a black faux fur ring today, perfect for keeping your ears warm when you take your helmet off for a rest. 

Look Four 

Surprise surprise it was raining again so Sarah and I decided to give skiing a miss and apres ski a try!! 

gin fizz

Following a few Gin Fizz cocktails it was time to walk ... yes I said walk up the mountain to meet the skiers for lunch, I am not sure we quite realised how far up the mountain we were to walk after getting off the bubble lift, but it was all fun. 

pinko ski
Pinko Floral Coat - Shop Here 

We just could not resist being big kids and making snow angels in the mountain. I was surprised that my blue floral coat from Pinko, managed to keep me dry following all of the rolling around in the snow. 

Final outfit

 Following a long day in the snow it was time for the last supper. 

winter fashion
ASOS Embellished high neck jumper - shop here 

It was nice to spend our last evening how we spent the first, cosy by the fire reminiscing with great friends over a nice glass of Chablis.


And that my friends was a week in outfits from my trip to Morzine. If you need any other information on any of my outfits please email me at 


To shop any of the items from Jayley click here 

With Love 


x x


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