The Runaway Bride

The last couple of months, have definitely been packed full of weddings of all shapes and sizes. Last weekend Scott and I attended a wedding at The Rutland Arms in the beautiful town of Bakewell.

The weather was fantastic and Scott kindly offered to drive, although the long drive to Bakewell in a convertible is rather tricky when it come to keeping your hair under control ..... that's where the head scarf came into play!

mememe cosmetics

Ottilie was a runaway bride............ don't be too shocked, she did not run away at the alter, Peak 107fm hold a competition each year called Runaway Bride, where yes you got it, each bride has to get as far away as possible with around £20.  

Bride and Groom

Ottilie made it all the way to Las Vegas! So it was only right that she has a Vegas themed wedding.

las vegas theme

The Rutland Arms put on a fabulous wedding, with Ottilie's mum Marie baking the cake and making the favors. Marie makes the most incredible cakes, her bakewell tart is a thing of great joy! I think she deserves a blog post all to herself. 

las vegas theme

It was fantastic to spend some time with my mum and sister-in-law Faye, who spend most of their weekends watching my brother racing his F1 Stockcar. 

amanda wakeley dress

amanda wakeley dress

I decided to wear the fuchsia Amanda Wakeley dress, Furla bag and  Steve Madden shoes that I wore to Royal Ascot on Ladies day. I absolutely adore the dress, but the material that it is made from is incredibly easy to pull even when wearing the smoothest accessories. 

MeMeMe cosmetics recently sent me some products so I thought this was the perfect opportunity to try them out. MeMeMe products are dermatologically tested and none of the products are tested on animals. 

mememe cosmetics

Angel Face Blemish Balm.

mememe cosmetics

Angel Face Blemish Balm, does exactly what it says on the packet. It perfectly combines skincare and makeup, it is carefully developed to conceal, protect, rejuvenate, nourish, brighten, hydrate & cleanse the skin all in one multi-benefit cream. providing a silky and lightweight finish. I have used this everyday since they sent it too me and my skin feels fantastic. 

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Enchanted Eyes

mememe cosmetics

This product is an eye cream wand, or so they call it! It is duel-ended with two complimenting shades, I prefer eye shadows to eye wands, and personally think that the wand is too thick, although it does glide on effortlessly and I have used it several times. 

Buy Enchanted Eyes here

Eye Inspire Catwalk Quad Collection

eye shadow collection

I love multi tonal baked eyeshadow palettes, and the Catwalk Quad Collection is brilliant! Each palette contains four complimenting shades designed to build and transform looks from day to night. The colour pallet that I was sent was in dark grey and bronze to create the perfect bold smoky eye. The quality of the eyeshadow is great. Even after hours of wear, the eyeshadow did not crease or smudge. I have even used the darker shades wet, as an eyeliner. I really wish I had this product in every colour.

Buy Eye Inspire Catwalk Quad Collection here

All of the products which I have tried from MeMeMe have been excellent and I would definitely recommend them. 

Use the discount code FURLONG for 20% discount on all products.

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All MeMeMe products were supplied as samples from EtailPR

mememe cosmetics

We all had a fantastic time at the wedding and I hope Ottilie and Steven have a fantastic honeymoon!

Scott and I are off to our third and final wedding this weekend in Brighton, as my cousin Penny is set to get married, I hope the weather makes a turn for the better. 

With Love 



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