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Contrary to many peoples beliefs hair extensions if applied and cared for correctly can actually improve rather than damage your hair. I was 19 when I took the leap and had my first set of extensions fitted, mainly for length and volume as my hair would not seem to grow. Since then I have had them fitted on and off whilst testing different lengths and colour variations. 

I had heard great things about Beauty Works and had my current set fitted by hair extension queen Jayne Jackson, all the way back in July. After 4 months and a couple of trims my own hair is now the same length as my extensions and feels in great health. My extensions however are starting to feel a little tired and dry, but after 5 months and a whole summer of race events and styling this is to be expected. I am due to have them removed soon as I am planning on a complete restyle, which will be featured on the blog in the next couple of weeks. 

Beauty Works Hair Extensions

So when I found out that Beauty Works had launched their very own hair care range, I couldn't wait to try it, and see if it would really make a difference!! 

Beauty Works Hair Extensions

When it arrived my initial reaction was how great the packaging looked - simple and sleek ensuring it would look great in any bathroom (This is important)!! Secondly (after opening the oil mask right at my desk), how amazing it smells!! There is nothing better than having a wonderfully scented hair product, and these products definitely passed the test.

After using the shampoo & conditioner I found that my hair was instantly more manageable to comb through. Due to my hair being naturally very curly brushing my hair after it has initially been washed can be an absolute nightmare especially if it has started to dry.  With the addition of the heat spray and a small amount of the Argan serum my hair brush glided through my hair with not a knot in sight. 

My hair did not seem to have held on to so much water, so blow drying was faster and more efficient. Once dried my hair was softer and silkier and had regained its healthy shine. My hair no longer felt tired and dry but full of volume and life. 

Hair Shine
Not only was my hair left with a healthy shine it sparkled! 

I used a little of the Argan serum before drying my hair, although this can also be used as a finishing serum when your hair has been styled. 

Beauty Works Hair care range

I have not had time to try out the argan oil mask, but after the transformation I received from just using the day to day products I can't wait to see the results.

I will definitely continue to use the hair care collection, I just wish it had been available when my hair extensions were originally fitted!! 

Beauty Works Hair Care Collection is available here. 

With Christmas just around the corner the Beauty Works Hair Care Range would be the perfect stocking filler. The gift sets come in 250ml and 50ml which includes the entire range. 

Click Here to view the Gift Sets 

To find out more about Jayne Jackson or to enquire about having Beauty Works Hair Extensions fitted visit -

What hair care are you loving at the moment? 

With Love 

Rebecca x


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