What Goes Into Making The Blocks Milliners Use To Create Fabulous Hats.

It is amazing what goes into making the blocks which milliners use to create our fabulous hats. thanks to the lovely Steve and Alan at Boon & Lane in Luton they have provided a short behind the scenes film. 

"A short film looking into the fascinating world of the last remaining hat block makers in the British Isles- Boon and Lane Ltd, Luton. It shows the creation of an aluminium hat block and then follows it through the hat making process at local hat factory, Walter Wright Ltd. Shot for English Heritage to compliment their book, ‘The Hat Industry of Luton and its Buildings’ written by Katie Carmichael, Dave McOmish and David Grech. Published by English Heritage and available from December 3, 2013. ISBN 978-1-84802-119-8."

View Original film 


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