Why Kamil Mahdi Must Never Work In Our Sport Again

Without doubt the article written by Peter Scargill in today's Racing Post regarding Kamil Mahdi, is the most thought provoking and sickening article I have ever read. 

This person should never, ever be allowed to enter British racecourses or have access to any sales complexes or training establishments immediately.

That Peter as a young man dealt with the aftermath of such horrific neglect and the impact it has had on him to this day is clear when you read his article.

I am not ashamed to say I wept. Wept for him that he is probably still haunted by the images he saw that day, and for the poor horses who suffered so terribly from the vile actions at the hands of a disgraceful and appalling individual.

I cannot imagine any racehorse owner that would condone this man to be involved in anyway with one of their horses. I certainly would be disgusted to find out this man was working on a yard where my horses were stabled let alone assistant or trainer.  

To view the fulll article visit http://images.racingpost.com/pdfs/Mahdi.pdf

Why Kamil Mahidi should never ever work in Horse Racing

Hang your head in shame Kamil Mahidi. You and your actions should never ever be forgiven.


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