Jenny Roberts Millinery Trend Predictions for Royal Ascot 2013

Milliner Jenny Roberts from Jenny Roberts Millinery shares her Trend Predictions for Royal Ascot 2013. 

When it comes to the Races, there are unwritten rules depending on the meet, so be ‘in the know’ when it comes to your choice of headwear.....

Cheltenham festival denotes style but with the March weather in mind, it’s harder to pull off than one might think. Try tweed perchers, heavier trims on silk headpieces and avoid summer sinamay at all costs.

The Epsom Derby requires understated elegance. Try simple lines with more emphasis on silhouette than fuss.

Glorious Goodwood means all-out glamour where boundaries can be pushed, but not in a “look at me” way but rather by showing that you’re aware of the latest trends and aren't afraid to interpret them to suit your own style.

Royal Ascot is in a league of its own! It means fabulous, frivolous and an all-out excuse to become the person you want to be.

Here are my predictions for trends for Ascot 2013

All that shimmers

We have seen metallic around for a couple of seasons but emphasis is now on metallic texture and print, seen through boucle fabrics and raised weaves. Use braids and trims on hats to add lustre and shine. Don’t be scared to mix textures and do metallic in the non-obvious way.


Always a classic at Royal Ascot. Understated, timeless elegance with a twist. Interpret with print, lightweight tweed or strong bold blocks of black and white.

Neon highlights

This colour story is strong for this season. Either embrace the full look or accent with highlights to energise your outfit. From transparent to translucent, it is about mixing materials.

Strong Prints

Digital prints of anything which makes an impact will work, be it wild flowers, birds or geometric patterns in contrasting colours. Wear headwear which mirrors the print, a garden headpiece for a natural inspired theme or strong geometric silhouette for strong block patterns.

‘The Great Gatsby’

This film is shining a spotlight on the glamorous fashions of the Roaring 20’s. Be inspired by drop-waisted dresses, vintage lace trims, pearls, marabou, beading and fur collars. This is a fantastic look for the races, let your imagination run wild. Team your outfit with cloche style hats, trimmed with lace and beaded accents and embrace all that is quirky and extravagant, embellishment is the key. 

In summary have fun with different looks and embrace fashion at the race course to be first to cross the line.


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