Dubai World Cup 2013

Today is my Birthday and unfortunately I am working. As Scott set off this morning at 5am to the Kempton sales. (See I told you being the Girlfriend of a Racehorse Trainer wasn't all excitement) So I cant talk about all the lovely presents I have received as I haven't had any yet. 

So I thought I would write about what I was doing two years ago........ Which was far more exciting. I was at the Dubai World Cup, and it was AMAZING!!!! 

I awoke to this view from my bedroom window at the Jumeirah Beach Hotel 

Furlong Fashion

Which was a little nicer than the view I woke up to this morning...... more snow and freezing winds. 

For me the Dubai World Cup is the greatest race meeting that I have ever experienced, the atmosphere is electrifying and the show that is put on is spectacular. 

I was lucky enough to experience the actual Dubai World Cup Race from the parade ring, stood next to the winning owners and their reaction as Victoire Pisa with Mirco Demuro onboard crossed the finish line is a feeling that I will never forget. I hope one day in the future I get to experience that feeling for myself.

Furlong Fashion

Unfortunately not the best of photos. 

So onto the fashion.... ..

The Dubai World cup is a fashionistas dream, with the bar being raised and the limits being pushed higher each year. 

The Jaguar Style Stakes takes place in the Apron area of Medan Grandstand and categories for 2013 include "Best Dressed Lady" "Best Hat", "Best Dressed Man", "Best Dressed Couple" and "Most Creative Hat" and the winner of Best dressed lady drives away in a brand new Jaguar XK for a year, so as you can imagine the competition in the style stakes will be fierce. 

This years style Judges are Fashion director and Stylist Mandi Kingsbury; Fashion Week founder and Global Events director Simon Locke; and Radio and TV Presenter Simon Heng.

What to wear is the Question.......

Hopefully my guide will help racegoers who are hoping to gallop away with the coveted prizes find it a little easier when deciding on their outfit.


The Dubai World Cup is not as formal as Royal Ascot however whilst planning your outfit make sure that you  take into consideration the local culture and consider and what is socially acceptable in the UAE. 

Below are a few points to keep in mind. 
  • Keep the dress simple and let your hat and accessories do the show stopping.
  • For a chic and sophisticated look angle your hat with a slight dip over your right eyebrow.
  • Keep your hair simple and manageable. 
  • Be confident in what you are wearing, if you don't feel comfortable then don't wear it. You should never wear something just because it is in trend.
  • Attention to detail is the key, make sure you pair your accessories with your hat, shoes, belt etc
  • This seasons pastel colours and floral prints are very in-trend and lighter colours will reflect the light, keeping you cooler. 
  • Remember before you buy, check that your dress is not too far above the knee or too tight!!! 
Below are some of the ladies who got it right. 

Furlong Fashion
Catherine Jenkins Royal Ascot 

Furlong Fashion
Racegoer at Royal Ascot

Furlong Fashion

Furlong Fashion


It is as, if not more important that men pay attention to detail with their outfits. And the Dubai World Cup is the perfect opportunity to showcase your sartorial style and be a little more adventurous than normal.

The number 1 rule for dressing for the races is to make sure you have a well fitted suit. When attending the Dubai World cup suits are ideally light colours and most racegoers opt for a linen suit, due to it being cooler in the heat.

For the bolder gentleman this is an opportunity to put on alternative twist to their outfit and swap the suit for mix and match separates. Try something in pink, light blue or chalky yellow. 

You can afford be more adventurous with your shirts and ties and I feel this year horizontal stripe shirts will play a big part in men's fashion. Make sure that you wear a pocket square, matching this to your socks or shoes will turn a "nice" outfit into a show stopping outfit. 

The finishing touches to your outfit are the most important so a nice watch and cufflinks are not to be overlooked and remember Ladies love a man in a pair of nice shoes. 

If you want to be a little different then adorn your head with a Panama or Fedora Hat, this doesn't have to match your overall look but do opt for a subtle link to your accessories. 

Below are a few ideas to inspire you.....

Furlong Fashion
Ralph Lauren

Furlong Fashion
Sartoria Rossi S/S 2013.

Furlong Fashion

Feel free to see more ideas on my Pinterest Page -

If you are lucky enough to be attending the Dubai World Cup I hope you have an amazing time, and best of luck in the style stakes. 


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